Sunday, October 4, 2015

Giveaway 2015 - US$ 125 Shop Credit to Minted

Thanks for Minted, which sponsored this giveaway.

This time the giveaway is very special. It is $125 USD shop credit to Minted.

The winner can use USD $125 to buy anything he/she likes from Minted. That will be great for buying Christmas gifts!

Though only one winner can get the above giveaway, all participants can enjoy 25% off on your next purchase from Shine Kids Crafts within October and November 2015 after the giveaway ended. (Items on sale are excluded.)


Minted is a really unique site. (

It is a marketplace for independent artists, from where you can find a lot of special artworks. Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming. You can surely choose something you like from Minted. Below categories of Minted are highly recommended by me:

Thanksgiving invites and décor:

Party decor:


For Shine Kids Crafts, which was previously Shine Jewelry, there are a lot of Swarovski crystal pendants listing in my Ebay shop. More own design or other jewelry are coming.

Join the giveaway and get the big discount to buy something from my shops : )


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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Decoupage Minions Wood Guitar Music Box

I bought a DIY music box craft kit for my son to do in summer holiday.

The music box is a mini-guitar. That is so lovely!

The music is from the theme song of a Japanese cartoon called 'Castle in the sky'. My son loves it so much!

This music box is easy to make. The shapes are pre-cut. We just need to use glue to stick them together.

Originally, we wanted to draw something on the guitar. But it seems quite difficult to draw tidy lines with acrylic colors as the surface of the guitar is not flat.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

2015 Giveaway (7) - Handmade 925 Silver Wire Amethyst Dangle Earrings

This time, the giveaway is a pair of handmade earrings. They were made by me. I like wire jewelry so much.

Before starting the shop 'Shine Kids Crafts', I sold handmade, Swarovski jewelry, etc. As I want to spend more time on my son, I finally change the shop to sell crafts supplies. Because by doing so, my son can benefit from it too. But...I think I cannot give up wire jewelry. It becomes my hobby!
This pair of earrings is one of my most satisfied wirework. I like the hearts made by twisted wires so much. I hope you like them too.
Details of the giveaway:
The giveaway is a pair of 925 Sterling Silver Wire Amethyst Dangle Earrings
Material: 0.6mm sterling silver wires & components, 9mm teardrop Amethyst

Size: total length of the earring is 5.5cm

Style: Earring Hook

A nice pouch will be provided

Though only one winner can get the above giveaway, all participants can enjoy 25% off on your next purchase from Shine Kids Crafts within October 2015 after the giveaway ended. (Items on SALE are excluded.)
My shops:
My Ebay shop still has some handmade and Swarovski jewelry for selling. They are all selling at low price cos I just want to clear all my stocks : )

The giveaway will be started on 16 Sept and ended on 30 Sept 2015.
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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Lovely Minions Exhibitions

We watched a Minions movie in summer holiday.

My son loves them crazily.

I knew that there was an exhibition of Minions in a shopping mall. Thus, I took my son there.

He was so excited!

Which one do you like more? Stuart? Bob / Kevin?

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Classified Catalogue of Craft Supplies

As I live at a place near wholesalers, I can access a big range of craft supplies.  But I do not have enough time to list them one by one on my shops. Thus, I put a classified catalogue here for you.

If you cannot find the craft supplies that you want in my shops, you can find here. If the supplies that you want are on this list, please contact me to obtain product image, descriptions and price quotation. If everything is fine to you, please send me your email address for sending invoice to you via Paypal.

**** This list will be lengthened from time to time *****


You can contact me by the following ways:

1. leave a comment under this post

2. send message to my FB (

3. send message to Etsy shop (

4. send message to Ebay shop (

5. send message to my email account (


Classified Catalogue
Fancy tissue papers
Decoupage tool kit (which include Glue A & B, brush, plastic knife, spray bottle)
Decoupage glue in different brands (including those from US)

Cloth Arts (for Decoupage / Drawing / Sewing)
cosmetic bag
frame wallet / purse
hanging bag with wood rod
hanging organizer with wood rod
lunch bag
pencil bag
shopping bags with zippers in different sizes
tissue case
wallet / purse

Stitchery / Cross-Stitch Art
14-count plastic canvas (can be used as bookmark & greeting card)
Bamboo canvas circles (can be used as wall décor)
Stitchery / Embroidery loops
Soluble canvas cross stitch
** different sizes are available for the above products

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Our first pottery class

Besides the first mosaics class, we also had our first pottery class at the resort in the summer holiday.

It was our first time and was more difficult than I imagined.

It was difficult to make the shape that I wanted on the tuning table.

I wanted to make a pen-holder. But I could not control my fingers well.

Sometimes, I made it concave by accident. And sometimes, I made it bent irregularly carelessly.

So as my husband and my son, they found that quite difficult to make a good shape!

Finally, the teacher helped us to make the desired shapes. We only did the decorations on it, lol!


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Our First Mosaics Projects

This summer holiday, we went to a resort.

There are some art classes in the resort, such as clay, shoe / tshirt / cap design, pottery, bottle drawing classes.

We attended a few of them. The class that I liked most is the mosaics class.

This was the first time my son and I did the mosaics projects. We felt so exciting!

In the class, we were given a wood photo frame as the foundation to adhere the tiles on.

There were so many pretty tiles for our choice. Some of them were complete and more of them were in pieces.

If we wanted to cut our shapes, we can use a cutting tool.