Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dream City Exhibition

I saw an exhibition recently. The title was 'Dream City'.

Some of the students used quilting to express their ideas.

Their works were so pretty. They may give you idea on what to quilt, lol!

Below are the three that I like most.

This one is not just my dream city, the houses are my dream house too!

I live in tall building. I really want to have a house with a garden in front of it. That must be very pretty!

Monday, August 11, 2014

How to Decorate / Draw Wood Door Hanger?

In the last Father's Day, my son and I made a special gift to Daddy.

That was a wood door hanger with words of love.

I should share this earlier, but I am busy looking after my son who is on summer holiday.

I am a mom, who does not want to miss any minute to get along with my son. Soon, he will leave me and play with his friends only.

My son and I discussed on what to write on the door hanger first.

I suggested that one side can write, 'Keep Quiet! Daddy is sleeping! Shhh...'

He agreed. In fact, this was for reminding my son not to disturb Daddy when he wants to have a sleep in the bedroom, lol!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

10 Creative Uses of Embroidery / Stitchery Hoop in Crafts

I discover that embroidery hoop is very good for making home decorations / crafts.

I have wrapped up 10 creative ideas for making crafts with embroidery hoops. They are all easy to make and can be done by kids.

1. Wall Clocks

You can just buy the hoop and clock movement, and then design the clock with kids. Clocks can be put on the wall in kid's room. Whenever you have tired of the old clock design, you can use new materials to make another one. That is so simply and funny!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

8 Meaningful Father's Day Cards / Quotes

I think that making something by children that is memorable is better than just buying a gift to Daddy.

Last year, my son and I drew a Father's Day card. This year, we plan to draw something onto a wood door hanger.

On it, we plan to write something like 'I love Daddy!' on one side, and 'Shhh... Daddy is sleeping' on the other side.

We have not started to draw cos my son is still having examinations at school. It will be ended soon. After that, we will start to make it. Guess Daddy must like this!

How about you? Have you made the card for your Daddy?? If no, this blog post must give you inspirations.

Last year when I drew the card, I did not know what to write on it. This year, I discover Pinterest and found quite a lot of meaningful quotes or words to be put on Father's Day card.

They are as below. Hope you can find one suitable for your Father's Day card.

Among all, I like the one below most. It is so lovely and so meaningful!


Saturday, May 31, 2014

Wholesale Craft Supplies - plastic key ring

Starting from now, I will listed wholesale lots of craft supplies from time to time.

30% discount on original price will be offered for the products in wholesale lots.

I will list ONE listing on Ebay and Etsy respectively on each time only.

Each time when I list wholesale lot, I will announce in this Blog and on the Facebook Page.

If you want to keep an eye on the wholesale products, you must check this blog or my Facebook frequently.

To go to my Facebook:

(Please note that if you click LIKE to my FB Page, it cannot guarantee you can see all my posts. If you want to see every post of my FB Page, you have to scroll over the arrow button next to LIKED button, and then choose "Get Notifications'.)

This is the first time. The wholesale product is plastic key ring. Originally it is sold for US$3.99 / 4, now it is sold for US$8.99 / 12.

You can insert a photo, drawing, sewing, colored sand picture, dried flowers, colored papers or cards into it. It is a great kids crafts that can be kept for a longer time or given to others as a gift.

For details, please go to:



Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Miyazaki Animation Layout Designs (including Totoro)

Last Sunday, we went to see a special exhibition - Miyazaki Animation Layout Designs.

Don't know who is Miyazaki?? That is OK.

How about Totoro, the big grey cat?? That is designed by Miyazaki.

When I was a teenager, I liked Totoro so much!

It is so cute, especially when he carried a small umbrella.

I like its smiling face too. That is so lovely.