Monday, April 9, 2018

Giveaway 2018 (3) - Personalized Wood Key Ring with Charm for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming.

It is more meaningful to give some personalized gift for your mother. Do you think so??

You can get one Personalized Wood Key Ring with Charm for free if you participate this giveaway!

Totally there will be 3 winners.

Each winner can get one Personalized Wood Key Ring with Charm. 

You can choose what words to be burnt on the wood tag, on one side or two sides.

You can also choose the charm that you like.

1. Red Swarovski crystal flower charm

2. Purple Swarovski crystal flower charm

3. Pearl charm

4. Turquoise charm

5. Pink glasses charm

 6. Blue glasses charm

To enter the giveaway, please go to my new blog:

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Sugar Painting

In Easter holiday, we saw a special art or craft in a shopping mall.

That is sugar painting!

We saw the artist boiled the sugar into liquid.

Then drew different things with small tools.

That is amazing!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Disney Easter Egg in Shopping Mall

I saw some Disney Easter Eggs in a shopping mall yesterday!

They are so cute and lovely!

Maybe we can decorate the eggs like this in next Easter!

I like Mickey and Minnie the most! They looks funny without the big circle ears, lol

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Kids Party Food - Easter Bunny / Rabbit Vanilla Pudding

I like cooking and baking with my son.
He is growing up and will be a teenager very soon.
But I think the sweet time we spent together on cooking must stay in his brain forever.
When he was about 4 years old, I made pudding with him.

We used the recipe as below:

Thursday, March 15, 2018

My First Time to have Wood Burn / Pyography on small items

All of you know, I had a giveaway of Easter craft kit for readers recently.

When I pack the craft kits for winners, an inspiration came to my mind suddenly.

'Is it possible to burn the kids' names on the wood eggs??'

I hesitated cos I have never tried to burn things on round surface.

But finally, I tried that.

Burning on round surface is really different from flat surface cos the burner may slide away if I do not hold it tightly.

Burning on small things is also more difficult cos when I hold the small egg, the heat from the burner transfer to my fingers quickly. Sometimes, I needed to have a break cos my fingers felt too hot!

Wow! It is so happy that finally I can do that successfully!

The wood egg is 4 cm tall. The words are about 0.5 cm tall.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Easter Free Printable Coloring Pages - Minion, Angry Birds, Frozen, etc.

If you ask kids to draw Easter eggs, they may feel boring.

Or, they may not have inspirations on how to draw.

It is a good idea to give kids coloring pages with cartoons that they like.

Below is a round up of coloring pages for age 7-12.

Popular cartoon characters can celebrate Easter with your kids!

1. Little Pony

Saturday, March 3, 2018

2018 Giveaway (2) - Easter Egg Craft Kits+30% off coupon

Giveaway again! This time is two sets of Easter Egg Craft Kits. 

From now to 11 Mar 2018, you can enter to win 1 set of Easter Egg Craft Kit and 30% off coupon.
The coupon can be used for max. 5 items purchased from  before 15 May 2018.

Total 2 winners will be chosen randomly by Rafflecopter.

Even if you do not win finally, all participants can still enjoy 30% off on max. 3 items purchased from before 15 May 2018.

Note: You are welcome to transfer the above coupons to your friends provided that the purchase is made at one time before deadline.


Each craft kit includes the followings:

- two 7cm Styrofoam eggs

- two 4cm wood eggs (the size is good for making carrots)

- 5 pieces of felt

- 6 color strings / yarn (colors are given randomly)

- approx. 25 pieces of colorful plastic circles (colors are given randomly)

- approx. 12 inches wire

- 4 pom pom

- 2 pairs of googly eyes

You can use the above things to make rabbits and carrot as shown in the image below. Or you can just decorate the eggs with the materials given.

Participate and get the 30% off coupon! You can use them for buying personalized gift for your mom in Mother's Day!! has personalized pouch, frame, jewelry box, etc. We can put your handwriting on the products!

To enter the giveaway, please note that:

1. All actions required to enter the giveaway are optional. The more actions you did, the greater the chance you can win the giveaway.

2. three actions (which include 'Share & Comment on FB', 'Save giveaway post to yr Pinterest' & 'Tag 3 friends in giveaway post in Instagram') can be done everyday to get more entries.

3. Winners chosen by Rafflecopter with actions not done properly will be disqualified. Then another winner will be chosen again. Good Luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway Free Giveaways

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