Saturday, April 12, 2014

8 more Non-oven Easy Easter Party Food for Kids

Last time after I posted the first 8 non-oven Easter Party food for kids, a lot of readers come.

I guess this is because though most mommies are busy, but they still want to make some funny food for their kids in Easter.

So am I!

To help busy mommies to get more ideas on easy making Easter food, here is another round up.

Hope that you like it!


1. Carrot Patch Cookies

For this one, I think I will use small tomato and cabbage to make the carrots, instead of using candies.


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kids activity - Noah's Ark (2)

Besides the Ark Garden, there are a lot of exhibitions and facilites in the Noah's Ark.


My son truly wanted to try the rope climbing facilities inside it. But he was not tall enough to play that now. He felt so disappointed.

Monday, March 24, 2014

8 Easy Easter Party Food for Kids

We do not have an oven at home, but I want to make some funny food with my son at Easter.

I have found 8 funny and simple ideas, share with you too.

1. Easter Egg Popsicles

2. Colored Cracked Easter Eggs

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Kids activity - Noah's Ark (1)

Recently, we had been to a special place for kids. It was the Noah's Ark.

It is the world's first full scale Ark replica.

It is in fact a big building with exhibition rooms, hotel rooms, restaurants and shops inside.

Below are the pictures of the Ark took a few years ago. I post these pictures instead of those we took recently because on the day when we visited recently, the weather is cloudy. We could not take pretty picture on that day.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Your attitude makes the world different

I absolutely agree this positive quote.
All of you should know that I have two on-lines shops at etsy and ebay.
Previously, when there was no business on a day, I must felt very unhappy.
I blamed that why I could not sell more, even I had done so much!
Sometimes, I even lost my temper and did nothing that day.
But now, when there is no business on a day, I feel happy. Because I think that I have time to review my shop listings, to check why the products cannot be sold well.
I also try to use the leisure time to read related books that can help me to improve my business.
After changing my attitude, I find that my business is better than before. At least, it is improving gradually.
I believe that if I use this attitude continuously, I must be successful one day!
When you face difficulty, try to think that it is a chance to strengthen or improve yourself. Then you will feel better.

More positive thinking ideas in my Pinterest:

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Our First Own Design Bag with Angry Bird

I like designing something by myself.

When I saw the permanent fabric colors and blank small bag in craft shop, I bought them immediately.

When I told my son that we could design and draw our own bag, he was so excited.

I planned to let him use this bag to hold snacks to school cos those plastic bags that we bought were not durable.

We bought one at the beginning of the school term, but it was worn after a month. Oh my God! That was the product of Disney, it was quite expensive but it was not durable!

So I decided not to buy similar bag again.

I let my son to design the new bag himself.

He drafted on a paper and then on the bag with pencil.

He drew big sun, rainbow and clouds in the sky. On the grassland, a man was having picnic with some drinks and food on the table cloth.

I forgot to take a photo for his original work. I had already changed something on the photo below.

He used fabric colors to paint it. But he stopped before it was finished.

I felt strange and asked him why.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Useful Craft Related Facebook Pages

My son and I like to do crafts in leisure time very much.

But sometimes, we do not have any inspirations on what to do.

To help this, I try to keep records on links to useful sites.

I am thinking, I can share the links with you too.

This time, I introduce 3 useful FB Page links to you.

1. DIY Craft Projects (

This page provides a lot of linkages to crafts summary everyday. A good page that deserved to like.

2. Craftaholics Anonymous (

This site help answering craft questions. The writer is very nice. I tried to post a question previously. It posted my question very quickly and I got a lot of useful suggestions from its fans. Great !!

3. Crafts by Amanda (

This site provides helpful tutorials that are easy to follow and fun craft projects for adults and kids alike.

For our and your easy reference, I have put the above links on the right column of my blog.

The sites will be updated from time to time.  : )