Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Paper Craft for Kids - Lock Box

One day, when we had window shopping with our son, he saw a lovely lock.

The lock was a lady bud, so beautiful!

He begged us to buy that for him.

As that was not expensive, we bought it for him.

Now at his age, 6 years old, my son always beg us to buy toys. We may not buy him things every time he begs us.  : )

But after he went home, he had a question.

What could he lock with the lovely lock??

We do not have any drawer that is suitable for that kind of lock.

We thought and thought.

Finally, I told him to empty one of the shoe box he used to store toys, and we made a special 'drawer' with lock ourselves.

He was so excited and happy as he could soon have a place to store confidential things.

We used some cardboard to make the lock.

Here it is! How is it??

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