Saturday, February 8, 2014

Chinese New Year Red Packet Show

Chinese New Year has just passed.

We received a lot of red packets.

Chinese usually exchange red packets with money inside in Chinese New Year.

There are different designs of red packets.

I like to take photos for those with special design for future reference.

Below are those collected in this year.

Red packets like to use fish because the pronunciation of fish in Cantonese is the same as that for the pronunciation of surplus.

The Chinese word '福' means good fortune, happiness.


Dragon is also commonly used in red packet. I guess you all know dragon represents China.

Below red packet design is special. A special pattern is cut in the middle.

This one is good for this year, The Year of Horse!

I like this one most as it can show the happiness in Chinese New Year, during which all family members meet together to celebrate it.

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